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Артикул: RX7376

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Directional spool valves, direct operated, with hydraulic actuation LS 1377

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  • Size 16
  • Component series 1X
  • Maximum operating pressure 250 bar
  • Maximum flow 250 l/min


  • 6/2 directional design
  • For subplate mounting
  • Spool position monitoring, optional

Product description

Valve type LS 1377 is a directional spool valve with hydraulic actuation. It controls the start, stop and direction of a flow.

The directional valves basically consist of the main valve with housing (1), the main control spool (2) and a return spring (3).

The spring chamber (4) is depressurized and connected to port L. This is to prevent back pressure in the spring chamber (4) from building up due to internal leakage.

The cover chamber (5) is connected to port Y.

With pilot pressure loading of the front side of the main control spool (2) in the cover chamber (5) via port Y, the spool is moved to the spool position. In the valve, the required ports are connected in this way.

If the loaded control spool area is depressurized, the return spring (3) in the spring chamber (4) causes the valve to return to its initial position.

Type code







LS 1377








Directional spool valve, direct operated, hydraulically actuated

LS 1377


Symbols; for the possible version, see "Symbols/Circuit diagrams"



Component series 10 ... 19 (10 ... 19: unchanged installation and connection dimensions)


Spool position monitoring


Without position switch

no code

– Inductive position switch type QM

Monitored spool position "a"


Monitored spool position "b"


Monitored spool position "a" and "b"


For more information see "Extended functions and versions"

Seal material (observe compatibility of seals with hydraulic fluid used, see "Technical data")


NBR seals

no code

FKM seals



Further details in the plain text


Technical data

(For applications outside these values, please consult us!)




Weight (approx.)



Installation position


Ambient temperature range


-30 … +50

Storage temperature range


+5 … +40

Surface protection

Valve body


MTTFD values according to EN ISO 13849 1)


1)For further details, see data sheet 08012




Maximum operating pressure



Maximum pilot pressure



Minimum pilot pressure



Maximum flow



Hydraulic fluid

see table "Hydraulic fluid"

Hydraulic fluid temperature range

at the valve working ports of the valve


-30 … +70

Viscosity range


2.8 … 380

Maximum admissible degree of contamination of the hydraulic fluid, cleanliness class according to ISO 4406 (c) 1)

Class 20/18/15

Switching time according to ISO 6403 2)


Pilot pressure 30 bar



Pilot pressure 150 bar





1)The cleanliness classes specified for the components must be adhered to in hydraulic systems. Effective filtration prevents faults and simultaneously increases the life cycle of the components. For the selection of the filters, see www.boschrexroth.com/filter.
2)The switching times for hydraulically actuated valves depend on pilot pressure and pilot flow. The indicated values were calculated on the basis of a pilot flow of 25 l/min, a pilot pressure of 150 bar and a viscosity of 46 cSt (hydraulic fluid temperature: 40 °C).


Switching times may vary dependent on operating time, hydraulic fluid temperature and application conditions.

Hydraulic fluid


Suitable sealing materials


Data sheet

Mineral oils



DIN 51524



Insoluble in water



ISO 15380




Soluble in water



ISO 15380



HFDU (glycol base)


ISO 12922


HFDU (ester base)




Containing water

HFC (Fuchs: Hydrotherm 46M, Renosafe 500;
Petrofer: Ultra Safe 620;
Houghton: Safe 620;
Union: Carbide HP5046)


ISO 12922


Important information on hydraulic fluids:

  • For more information and data on the use of other hydraulicfluids, please refer to the data sheets above or contact us.
  • There may be limitations regarding the technical valve data (temperature, pressure range, life cycle, maintenance intervals, etc.).
  • The ignition temperature of the hydraulic fluid used must be 50 K higher than the maximum surface temperature.
  • Bio-degradable and flame-resistant – containing water: If components with galvanic zinc coating (e.g. version "J3" or "J5") or parts containing zinc are used, small amounts of dissolved zinc may get into the hydraulic system and cause accelerated aging of the hydraulic fluid. Zinc soap may form as a chemical reaction product, which may clog filters, nozzles and solenoid valves - particularly in connection with local heat input.
  • Flame-resistant – containing water:
    • Due to increased cavitation tendency with HFC hydraulic fluids, the life cycle of the component may be reduced by up to 30% as compared to the use with mineral oil HLP. In order to reduce the cavitation effect, it is recommended - if possible specific to the installation - to back up the return flow pressure in ports T to approx. 20% of the pressure differential at the component.

Diagrams/characteristic curves

(measured with HLP46, ϑOil = 40 ±5 °C)

Δp-qV characteristic curves

A2→T, A1→A2, P→B2, B1→B2

Symbols/Circuit diagrams


Dimensions in mm

Required surface quality of the valve contact surface


Name plate


Seal rings


Machined valve contact surface


The dimensions are nominal dimensions which are subject to tolerances.

Valve mounting screws (separate order)



Hexagon socket head cap screws

Material number



ISO 4762 - M10 x 45 - 10.9-flZn/nc/480/C

(Friction coefficient μtotal = 0.09 … 0.14)

Tightening torque MA = 58 Nm ±10 %


Extended functions and versions

Inductive position switch type QM

With on/off valves, contactless position switches with integrated switching amplifiers are switched after reaching of the spool position to be monitored. The spool position reached is displayed by a binary signal.

Advantages of the position switches:

  • Short-circuit-proof
  • Available with M12 x 1 plug-in connection
  • Direct monitoring of the spool position at the control spool
  • Long life cycle
  • High reliability due to no use of dynamic seals
  • Reaction time of the switch upon operation approx. 15 ms


Valves with inductive position switches in safety-relevant controls may only be assembled and commissioned by hydraulically and electrically trained specialists. Adjustment and maintenance work requires special tools and devices. This work may only be performed by authorized specialists or in the factory.
Improper work at safety equipment leads to a risk of personal injury and damage to property.

  • The essential valve components are coordinated with each other in the production plant and adjusted during assembly. They must not be interchanged. In case of valve or position switch defects, the complete valve must be exchanged.
  • The factory setting of the position switch must not be changed. The position switch may only be set by the valve manufacturer.
  • The position switch must be automatically monitored by the machine control to prevent initiation of a new machine cycle even in case of a failure of the position switch.
  • The machine control and the selected components are to be designed so that the leakage cannot lead to an inadmissible closing movement.
  • Position switches have an attenuating effect, i.e. the switching times specified in the basic data sheets of the valves may be increased.
  • The switching times according to ISO 6403 specified in the respective valve data sheets do not correspond to the reaction times of the position switch (time between signal change at the solenoid and the signal change of the position switch). Temporal query mechanisms should be set at least to 80 … 100 ms.

Electrical connection

Connection voltage

24 V +30 %/-15 %, direct voltage

Admissible residual ripple

≤10 %

Load capacity

maximum 400 mA

Switching outputs

PNP transistor outputs, load between switching outputs and GND



+24 V


Switching output: 400 mA


0 V, GND


Switching output: 400 mA


The electricity is connected via a 4-pole mating connector (separate order, see "Accessories) with connection thread M12 x 1.

Switching logics

Depending on the spool position to be monitored, the switching outputs have the following function:

Version QMA

Position switch on side B, monitored spool position of the main stage "a"

Version QMB

Position switch on side A, monitored spool position of the main stage "b"

version QMAB

Position switch on side A and B, monitored spool position "a" and "b"


Contacts open (0 V)


Contacts closed (24 V)

Overlap area / hydraulic symbol change

Rest position

Solenoid "a" is switched

Solenoid "b" is switched


Dimensions in mm

Mating connector

L in mm 1)

Mating connector straight


Mating connector angled


Mating connector with potted-in cable (3 m)


1)With mating connector, 10 mm removal space and minimum bending radius for the connection line


Monitored spool position

Position switch on side








"a" and "b"

A and B


  • The dimensions are nominal dimensions which are subject to tolerances.
  • Mating connectors, separate order, see "Accessories"


Mating connectors for sensors and valves with connector “K24”, “K35” and “K72”, M12 x 1

4P Z24

Mating connectors for sensors and valves with connector “K24”, “K35” and “K72”, M12 x 1

4P Z24

  • For sensors and valves with connector “K24”, “K35” and “K72”
  • Mating connectors M12, 4-pole, line cross-section 0.75 mm2

Mating connectors for sensors and valves with connector “K24”, “K35” and “K72”, M12 x 1, with assembled connection line

4P Z24 +

Mating connectors for sensors and valves with connector “K24”, “K35” and “K72”, M12 x 1, with assembled connection line

4P Z24 +

  • For sensors and valves with connector “K24”, “K35” and “K72”
  • Mating connectors M12, 4-pole, line cross-section 0.75 mm2

Ordering codes


Directional spool valves, direct operated, with hydraulic actuation
Data Sheet | RE24782 | 2019-07-01 | English | PDF | 340k

Product Groups: Pilot operated
Type LS 1377

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