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Артикул: RX7139

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Valve amplifiers for proportional pressure valves VT-SSPA1-5-1X

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  • Component series 1X
  • Analog, Connector design
  • For valves: KBPS 8


  • Proportional command value/current characteristic curve for command values between 0 and 100%
  • Regulated adjustable maximum current for command values greater than approx. 120% (for differential input only)
  • Differential input
  • Ramp generator with separately adjustable ramp times "up/down"
  • Zero potentiometer / pilot current
  • Command value attenuator / maximum current
  • Dither frequency potentiometer
  • 24 V operating voltage

Product description

The plug-in amplifier is suitable for installation on a valve connection base according to EN 175301-803. By turning the plug insert and the electronics in the housing, the plug-in amplifier can be mounted on the solenoid in 90° increments.

Command value presetting

The command value range is between 0 and UB. In the command value range 0... 10 V the solenoid current is proportional to the command value. Starting with a command value of 12 V up to UB the solenoid current is almost constant according to the Imax setting (switching application).

Ramp generator

The ramp generator (5) limits the incline of the control output. The up and down ramp times can be adjusted separately. In switching applications, the ramps can be used to dampen the switch-on and switch-off impulse (When switching off only with 3-conductor connection, i.e. switching signal and supply are connected separately). This behavior also depends on the valve and solenoid type. The downstream command value attenuator (4) has no influence on the ramp time.

Characteristic curve

Up to a command value of approx. 110 % the transfer characteristic curve rises linearly. The zero point can be corrected using potentiometer “Z“, the maximum value can be corrected using potentiometer “G“.

Power output stage

Output stage (7) is freely clocking. The clock frequency depends on the current level, the operating voltage and the impedance of the controlled solenoid. The clock frequency can be re-adjusted using potentiometer “f“. The current output stage generates a regulated current signal according to the control output provided by the summing device (3). If the clock frequency is too high, the valve hysteresis is increased. If the clock frequency is too low, the noise level of the hydraulic system is increased.

()= Assignment to the block diagram

Type code


Valve amplifiers for proportional valves without electrical position feedback, Analog, Connector design



For valves: KBPS 8



Component series 10 ... 19 (10 ... 19: unchanged installation and connection dimensions)



Version: standard



Voltage input



24 V operating voltage



With cable gland

No code

With M12 connector

















Technical data


Component series


Type of electronics



Plug-in connector

Voltage supply

Operating voltage





Lower limit value




Upper limit value




Cable inductance 1)





Power consumption





Current consumption






2 A time-lag
1)Usually corresponds to a line length < 100 m.

Analog inputs

Command value

Voltage (differential input)



​0 ... ​10

for the switching function of the proportional amplifier

12 ... UB

Voltage (differential input)

Input resistance


≥ 20

Solenoid outputs

Coil inductivity





Pilot current

Factory setting




Solenoid current

Factory setting




Coil resistance at 20°C




Clock frequency

at Imax




Adjustment options

Setting range

Pilot current



0 ... 300

Solenoid current



0 ... 1.8

Ramp time up/down



0.06 … 5

Supplementary information

Standard connection

of solenoid

EN 175301-803


Cable gland and screw terminals


M12 connector, 4-pole

Cable diameter



4.5 ... 11

Mounting type


M3 x 40 mm

Type of protection according to EN 60529 1)

Extra für FN


Ambient temperature range



-25 … ​70

Storage temperature range



-25 … ​85




1)With mounted cable/mounted mating connector

(For applications outside these values, please consult us!)

Diagrams/characteristic curves

Operating and display elements


Command value attenuator / maximum current


Zero point potentiometer / pilot current

t <

Ramp time "Ramp up"

t >

Ramp time "Ramp down"


Clock frequency

Symbols/Circuit diagrams


Internal voltage adjustment


Voltage input


Zero point potentiometer “Z” / pilot current I (IN = 0 %)


Command value attenuator “G” / maximum current I (IN = 100 %)


Ramp time potentiometer “t”


Frequency range correction “f”


Power output stage

Electrical connection

Terminal / pin

Signal designation

+UB / 1

Operating voltage

0 V / 3

0 V

IN+ / 2

Command value

IN- / 4

Reference potential

Terminal connection

Danger of malfunctions

in case of EMC/ESD interferences affecting the connection cable

Do not install command value

connection lines in the gray area (arrow)!

The connection for protective earthing conductor is accessible after the

electronic circuit board has been removed.

Connection cross-section:

4 x 0.75 mm2 shielded or

5 x 0.5 mm2 shielded (connect shield in the control cabinet)

Terminal connection

M12 connector, top view

The connection for protective earthing conductor is not provided

Connection cross-section:

4 x 0.75 mm2 shielded

(connect shield in control cabinet)

Fields of application

2-conductor technology

  • Switching application with constant current control
  • Ramp function upon switch-on

The “IN+” input is bridged with supply voltage (+UB) in the connector, the IN- input is bridged with supply voltage (0 V) in the connector.

The maximum current must generally be adjusted according to the solenoid information using potentiometer "G". The ramp time "ramp up" (t <) can be set within the range of tmin to 5 s.

2-conductor technology

3-conductor technology

Switching application with constant current control

Switching with low control power

Ramp function can be adjusted separately when switching the control voltage on and off

The “IN+” input is connected to the control voltage

(Us = 24 V), the “IN–” input is bridged with supply voltage (0 V) in the connector.

The maximum current must generally be adjusted according to the solenoid information using potentiometer "G". When switched off ("IN+" = 0 V or "IN+" = open), a pilot current can be set at "Z". It serves to reduce the switch-on delay, particularly with ramp. If required, this value can be adjusted between approx. 0 mA and approx. 15 % of the rated current. The ramp times “ramp up” (t <) and “ramp down” – (t >) can be set within the range of tmin to 5 s.

3-conductor technology

4-conductor technology

The “IN+” input is connected to the control signal (Us = 0...10 V/24 V), the “IN–” input to the reference potential of the control voltage.

Pilot current and maximum current are set using potentiometers "Z" and "G" prior to commissioning. The current can now be proportionally adjusted according to the control voltage between the set pilot current and the set maximum current. The pilot current can be set in the range from approx. 0 to approx. 15 % of the rated current, the maximum current can be set in the range from 0 to Imax .

4-conductor technology


Project planning information

The connector insert can be turned in 90° steps observing the protective measures for ESD protection.

The plug-in amplifier may only be wired when de-energized.

Do not lay lines close to power cables.

The distance to aerial lines, radios, and radar systems has to be at least 1 m.

To set the potentiometers and to check the current values, use the measuring adapter and measure the currents in a potential-free manner.

The specified maximum solenoid currents must not be exceeded.

Do not use solenoids with integrated free-wheeling diodes.

The supply voltage is to be protected by means of a fuse – see Technical data.


The solenoids are controlled with a clocked voltage. The solenoid voltage impulse level corresponds to the applied operating voltage (+UB).

Solenoids with integrated EMC protection circuit may only be used if the response voltage of the protection circuit - for both, positive and negative voltage - is greater than the actual operating voltage.

The manufacturer's specifications of the valves are to be observed.


With a strongly fluctuating operating voltage, it may in the individual case be necessary to use an external smoothing capacitor with a capacity of at approx. 470 µF to 2200 µF.

The line length should not exceed 50 m. For longer lines, a capacitor with C ≥ 100 µF has to be connected between UB and 0 V. The line between capacitor and plug-in amplifier must not exceed 50 m.

Recommendation: VT 11110 capacitor module (see data sheet 30750); sufficient for up to 5 plug-in amplifiers


Elektroniken für Industrieanwendungen
Manual | RD07602-B | 2015-01-01 | German | PDF | 719k

Product Groups: Industrial Hydraulics
Electronics for industrial applications
Manual | RE07602-B | 2015-01-01 | English | PDF | 1.1MB

Product Groups: Industrial Hydraulics
Operating instructions
Ventilverstärker für Proportionalventile
Data Sheet | RD30116 | 2015-12-01 | German | PDF | 260k

Product Groups: Analog, plug design, Plug-in proportional amplifier
VT-SSPA1-1(5, 50, 100, 150)
Valve amplifier for proportional valves
Data Sheet | RE30116 | 2015-12-01 | English | PDF | 254k

Product Groups: Analog, plug design, Plug-in proportional amplifier
VT-SSPA1-1 (5, 50, 100, 150)
Data Sheet | RC30116 | 2015-12-01 | Chinese | PDF | 653k

Product Groups: Analog, plug design, Plug-in proportional amplifier
型号 VT-SSPA1-1(5, 50, 100, 150)
Amplificateur de valve pour distributeurs proportionnels
Data Sheet | RF30116 | 2015-12-01 | French | PDF | 256k

Product Groups: Analog, plug design, Plug-in proportional amplifier
VT-SSPA1-1 (5, 50, 100, 150)
Amplificatore per valvole proporzionali
Data Sheet | RI30116 | 2015-12-01 | Italian | PDF | 252k

Product Groups: Analog, plug design, Plug-in proportional amplifier
VT-SSPA1-1 (5, 50, 100, 150)
Amplificador de válvula para válvulas proporcionales
Data Sheet | RS30116 | 2015-12-01 | Spanish | PDF | 255k

Product Groups: Analog, plug design, Plug-in proportional amplifier
VT-SSPA1-1 (5, 50, 100, 150)
Erklärung zur Umweltverträglichkeit für die Bereiche EMV, Klima und mechanische Belastung
Data Sheet | RD30116-U | 2010-06-28 | German | PDF | 141k

Product Groups: Analog, plug design
Declaration on environmental compatibility in the field of EMC, climate and mechanical stress
Data Sheet | RE30116-U | 2010-06-28 | English | PDF | 140k

Product Groups: Analog, plug design

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